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I'm a film and art fanatic, earning my graduate degree in journalism

Initially I was not sure if I could get a good story from one of the vendors from Street Sense. 

I usually see a man sitting by the CVS on my way back home and thought that I could interview him. I wanted my story to be on how a Street Sense vendor got to where he is.


 I later approached him not knowing if he was going to have a newsworthy story. The more he spoke, the more I began to understand what Street Sense really was and how his contribution to this newspaper helped him better his quality of life. There was the broader issue of homelessness in the U.S. and how to tackle it that triggered the importance of the topic. 


Besides interviewing Duane, I interviewed someone who stopped by to say hello to him and his name was Eric. I also interviewed the Street Sense Executive Director Brian Carome who helped explain what Street Sense was and what the newspapers purpose was.  


I used a total of five apps during this mobile reporting story. 

  1. I stored all my audio files on sound cloud and uploaded my audio files there. 

  2. I used an editing app, VSCO to brighten and sharpen the photos I took. 

  3. Hype type helped me with the video graphics and block quotes. 

  4. Ferrite to edit the audio and voice-record. 

  5. Adobe Spark Post













Using those applications worked well and helped me do quick editing, However, I found editing audio on the phone very difficult and intricate. Ferrite was difficult to deal with because I couldn’t see the audio very well and it was not easy to pinpoint exactly where I wanted to end the audio. Although Hype type got a little confusing, overall it was easy to use and taught me how to do cool graphics in the form of a short video. Adobe spark post was a pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed creating the social media posts with it because it was very quick and easy to use. 


The easiest thing to do on my phone was taking photos and recording the audio. Since the iPhone 7 has good quality photographs, I didn’t struggle with that. 


One of the more difficult things in mobile reporting was doing everything in one place. It was difficult to organize the audio, photos, videos, graphics in different places and have to deal with such a small screen while working.


Here are the two social media posts I created. 

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