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I'm a film and art fanatic, earning my graduate degree in journalism

The Notorious "Rat Alley"

November 20, 2018

Adams Morgan activists and businesses are tackling their rat problem head on.

"The statue of liberty turned its back on immigrants"

August 17, 2018

Due to the surge of Muslim majority countries listed on Trump’s travel ban, immigrants from neighboring Middle Eastern nations cultivate fears that they could be next.

Homicides in Baltimore

December 13, 2018


In the last seven years 272 per 100,000 people who live in the city of Baltimore have been affected by homicide’s.

Living aboard in Southwest D.C.

November 26, 2018

Residents of the Gangplank Marina in Southwest Washington, D.C., say you would be hard-pressed to find a community as tight-knit as theirs.

Ethiopian community organizations in D.C.

December 04, 2018

The Ethiopian community is now one of the largest diaspora groups in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. 

Khaled Al Shafar's Journey into Design

June 06, 2017

The Emirati designer has been hailed for his creations, but says there’s a lot more work to be done in the UAE.

Migratory birds call Rock Creek Park home

September 24, 2018

In its fifth year of work, the Rock Creek Songbirds continue to engage in community outreach, planting, and regenerating the park for migratory birds.

American University lockdown

August 06, 2018

Shock, panic and fear were a few of the words an Investigative Reporting Workshop intern at the American University campus used to define her experience during the lockdown on July 18.

‘Flavours of Ramadan’ gives taste of the UAE

June 11, 2017

Dubai-based cooking show shares secret recipes by Indian pop icon Asha Bhosle and ‘MasterChef’ Kunal Kapur.

AUS Students Design Shade for Security Guards

April 30, 2017

A total of 16 fifth year Architecture students from the College of Architecture, Art and Design (CAAD) at American University of Sharjah are now working on a design project that offers shade for security guards on campus.

CNN Becky Anderson

March 14, 2018

In an interview with CNN's Connect the World news anchor, Becky Anderson, she shares the secret to her success. 

Lavassa Design Competition

June 12, 2017

Winner of the 'first-ever' event will be flown to Milan for a three-week fashion course at the Istituto Marangoni, and get to showcase at the annual Arab Fashion Week.

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